Located in Orange, NSW, Ben has been performing extensively both locally and interstate for the last 15 years. This experience has allowed him to build an impressive repertoire of songs and hone the skill of reading an audience.

Often described as a “human Jukebox”, Ben prides himself on his wide knowledge of contemporary music. He loves to learn; If you’ve any special requests for your event, he’ll learn them… become one with them... inhabit them.


Of late, Ben has taken a different approach through the use of Live looping and effects. This creates a rich, full sound for the Solo musician; and it is equally fascinating to watch. Entire songs are meticulously crafted live on-stage using layers of intertwining recorded “loops”.

His musical journey has seen him perform along side The Whitlams, British India, Magic Dirt, Frenzal Rhomb, Gyroscope, Sparkadia and Rose Tattoo as well as performing at TEDx Conferences and countless weddings and functions.


Photographer: Lucas Martin

Venue: Agrestic Grocer, Orange NSW